Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier - kennel Wanton Buddy´s


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  On the left: breeding bitch - C.I.B.Laureen Lil vom Fischerhof (13 years old) & C.I.B.Desiree Wanton Buddy´s (7 years old)  
  & JCH.Elis of My Heart Wanton Buddy´s (5 years old) & puppy from the last litter 2016 - Kaelan Wanton Buddy´s (6,5 months)  
  photo: 1.10.2016  
    1996  -  2006  -  2016   
  Motto: Our Wheatens are what we want they to be - good friends!
     C.I.B. Laureen Lil vom Fischerhof & C.I.B. Desiree Wanton Buddy´s & C.I.B. Sophisticated Wheaten Harvey  
  & JCH. Elis of My Heart Wanton Buddy´s  
  Our homepages are for all friends, owners and breeders of Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (for short - Wheaten). We got the first Wheaten in 1996 and because of Wheaten's beauty character they became to be best friends. On our homepages you can find all information about us and our dogs. Moreover, you can also find full view of breeding in the Czech Republic and other interesting things.  
  Pavlina Bradacova  
  Int.CH & Multi.CH.Choroschie Drusja´s Harry Callahan - SAM (* 1996 - 2010)  
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